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An army of inside sales people are awaiting your direction right now. We are not telemarketers, but rather inside sales roofing professionals. What does this mean for your company? It means that we have the knowledge and competence to set appointments over the phone, meaning more closed deals for your sales team.

We provide a complete “Inside Sales Solution” that will streamline your sales team into immediate closed deals. Our solution begins with a guaranteed set appointment.

As your inside Roofing Professional, we will enter your lead into
Claimexpress, a complete business management system for roofing contractors, where you will access your lead details through your account. At the base level, ClaimExpress gives your company an online system of managing and tracking leads. If used to its full potential, your whole business can be run from this software. If you're not interested in using the ClaimExpress system to manage your leads, we are more than happy to accommodate your company.

It is our mission to earn a sales commission for every project we sell for you, rather than a set price per lead.  By taking advantage of ClaimExpress, our sales team can track which appointments turn into projects for your company, and only take a commission from the project. 


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